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What are the products offered by TONER-TANK?

Zhuhai ZhongKai Imaging Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and sales of printer consumables, one of the fastest developing enterprises in recent years. The products covers toner cartridges.

Who are TONER-TANK’s customers?

Our customers are spanning Europe, America, Asia-pacific, Middle-East and Africa, who are remanufacturers, agents, distributors, E-businessman and supermarkets relating with printer consumables. We try to provide the best service to our customers, neither big enterprise nor small company.

Can you provide OEM service for the customer? How can you arrange packaging for my private brand?

Yes. About package details, you can discuss with our account executives. Contact us now.

 How about the products quality?

Strictly produced and inspected according to the standard of ISO9001 & ISO14001.

Toner cartridge Moisture-proof?

About old toner cartridge,the ability of Moisture-proof will reduce . On the wet season,if let toner cartridge lay idle or printing some humid paper, the quality of the toner cartridges will descen,such as Shallow words and poor fixes,ect.
In this case, first ,you can take out the toner cartridge. Using a blower to evenly heat the toner cartridge and gently shake it.Then it can Immediately use. Second,you also can Continuously print more than 5 pages,that make the printer heating.This way can get the good printing effect too.In addition, the paper must sealed package on night of the wet season.

Toner Moisture-proof?

On the wet season, The newly added powder, whether it be a printer or copier, will soon be wet.Even the original drum powder is no exception. It will cause the whole page is not clear, or local whiteboard phenomenon.
The simplest solution is take out the toner cartridges on the radiator, with dry towel laid between them .After one night the problem will be solved.If you have not radiator,you can be poured out of carbon powder,The powder warehouse is blow dry with hot air.Then you install it after put the powder on the side of the computer host for 2 hour.Please pay attention, damp carbon powder is not to be reluctant to use. The cartridge may be damaged if you continue to use.